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Relationship Between Responsibility And College Success

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Personal Responsibilities and College Success

Personal Responsibilities and College Success
Jowanda Johnson
February 27, 2012
Michael Baker

Personal Responsibilities and College Success

As to start this paper, there are some responsibilities that will be share and what it means to people. It will also talk about the relationship between personal responsibility and college success, and last but not least, the main reason of being successful in school.
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There are a lot of ways to be responsible.
Secondly, when it comes to personal responsibility and college success, the two seem some what the same. People can not have one without the other. They both have goal settings and require time. Personal responsibilities is the key to college success because at times, people often find themselves falling short and have a habit of turning assignments in at the last minute or try to cram in a lot for a big test. People do not try to use their time wisely when it come their personal habits or in school and that is where lack of success comes from.
Finally, the preliminary plan includes how to practice time wisely. Try to do things in an orderly manner or do things on time, or do the work early so then that way it will not be a burden when the deadline comes. This plan will also include being more dedicated to the work, classmates and instructors. Also have a positive attitude on all aspects of life. People will also need to take responsibility for their actions. Never blame anyone for their mistakes, and also plan to be more open and honest in everything, such as what they say and do.
To sum this up, being...
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