Relationship Between Marginal Cost And Marginal Revenue

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Relationship between Marginal Cost and Marginal Revenue

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October 23, 2013

Relationship between Marginal Cost and Marginal Revenue

This essay will explain the relationship between “Marginal Cost” and “Marginal Revenue”, as well as the importance that these concepts for the maximization of profits.
Profit Maximization Explanation
For Profit Maximization there are financial estimations that are utilized to figure out the impacts of generating one or more units in a preparation framework. Profits are maximized when marginal cost and marginal revenue are equal, something that all ...view middle of the document...

At times marginal revenue may remain the same for a period of time over a level of output. When this happens it is follow what is called the law of diminishing returns, stating that as the output level increases the level of output will eventually slow down.
Marginal cost results from the change in total cost that comes from producing one additional widget. Marginal cost is used by firms to determine the point and organization will reach the economies of scale to analyze marginal cost. Such calculations have a formula to determine marginal revenue to marginal cost by dividing total revenue (change in total) by quantity sold.
The actual formula is written: Marginal Revenue =ΔTR/ΔQ. The Greek letter delta “Δ”, represents the change in value in the case. An example of this is; if the revenue of a firm changes by $12 after the sale of four additional widgets, the marginal revenue by 3 or 12/3.
An Explanation of Marginal Revenue Calculation
Marginal Revenue is sought when the firm producing widgets is thinking of a change in output; the firm is looking to see how its total revenue is going to change. This is done when the firm produces another unit of output or our case “another widget”, therefore changing the total revenue due to this production.
From the selling of one more widget total revenue is changed and marginal revenue is obtained the formula is MR=ΔTR/ΔQ. Below are two graphs; revenue and cost produced at different levels of output and Marginal increase or decrease graph. The revenue and cost graph is also used to calculate “marginal revenue as you will see in the fourth column. The first column is the quantity column and shows us zero to 15 widgets of productions. The second column is the revenue generated for each widget; the third column is the total cost, and the fourth column is the marginal revenue column.
To obtain the totals in the marginal revenue column we will need the figures for quantity and total revenue. First of all we will take total revenue when one widget is produced and find how much it changed from zero revenue and this will give us marginal revenue. As the data and graph below shows the as widgets are produced by one more widget, total revenue is increased and marginal revenue is decreased and is characteristic of a monopolistic market.
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