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Relationship Between Job Satisfaction And Motivation

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1. There is a reciprocal relationship between an employee motivation and their work performance. Employee motivation is described as the level of energy, commitment and creativity that a company’s workers bring to their job while motivation is the initiation, direction, intensity and persistence of human behavior. A widely used trend in organizations is forced ranking procedure; this is used by managers to make a distinction between the levels of performance among workers. A grading system is established and employees are ranked based on the job performances. Most manager aim is to acquire information about the talent within the organization and also to eliminate workers that persistently ...view middle of the document...

Force ranking is one of the driving forces behind low employee morale and it also hinders a harmonious working environment because of the need to always compete with your peers to get a high rating and even keeping their jobs. This is a disadvantage because it as it does not promote teamwork.
Regardless of the cons, this method has helped numerous organizations to be successful by retaining only the best. Workers that are ranked high will be rewarded for their hard work which will provide continuous encouragement to keep working hard. Employees on the other hand that are ranked low will get the opportunity to see where they are lacking and can help them improve their contribution and quality of performance.
Every employee wants to be treat fairly, perceived inequity can be the breaker for organization as it break down trust and commitment. Care should be taken when using this method; it has to be free of biases and partiality. Results should reflex decision based solely on facts and about the worker’s performance in an effort to avoid costly lawsuits and accusation of discrimination. Workers that perceive unfair treatment in an organization will in fact lose motivation, this also affects the company in all senses as productivity and work quality...

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