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Close Relationships Essay

Juleika Solano


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My current boyfriend and I are just getting back to our normal way of behavior because we broke up due to lack of communication. Last year, he asked me a question and he hated the answer and he broke up with me for three months. He had an engagement ring and he sold it back. Later on, we got back together and I got kicked out of school and I felt that if I told him that he would break up with me, so I kept it a secret, then when I finally told him , he was extremely upset and we broke up for six months. He told me that I could have trusted in him and that we could not be together if I could not communicate with him.

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We sat down and talked and we worked out issues. I actually like talking to him now and telling him when I feel he is being unreasonable.

The article is correct in the fact that couples feel that they know each other very well. But everyone acts. If I am extremely upset with something and I feel that no one needs to know, I act. For example, the cheaters, I know plenty of people that act that they are in love with the person they are with and they fool everyone, but on the side they are cheating on their spouses, or have a whole different life. No one can really truly know the people they are close to.

Communicating is the key. Speaking your mind and not being scared or shy will strengthen your relationship. If you want any kind of relationship, lying or white lies will not help the relationship. Telling the person exactly how you feel will not break the relationship. If the relationship is not meant to be then it is not meant to be.

Don’t ever believe that you really know someone. I felt like I knew my current boyfriend but while we were trying to work things out and he was being the most loving boyfriend, I found out he was talking to someone else. He went to see her in Puerto Rico. He never admitted it but I knew the whole entire story. I feel like putting your whole trust into someone will make the communication with someone weak. You will feel that you don’t really have to communicate because you know each other so well and you can read each other’s mind. Being a little weary and having your own opinion and just thinking about yourself first will make your relationship work.

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