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Rejoice Essay

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1. Describe the campaign
Rejoice become the popular brand of haircare in China over 20 years. A lots of customer recognize Rejoice haircare product as an expert in smoothness. And Rejoice was choose by 250,000 customer to be “the Most Popular Foreign Trademark" in China. Rejoice' parent company is Procter and Gamble which is a strong company.

Rejoice of P&G company announce a new video advertisement in social media - YouTube in 2 September 2014 and the named as
Rejoice China "Hugs". This online video attract more than 40 million audience within 4 weeks.

The story of this online video is that a man put a divorce paper on a dinning table which he already signed. His wife express that before she agree to sign the divorce paper and the man have to give a hug to her everyday and the man agree. Every time the man hug his wife and touch her smooth hair. He recall many special and meaningful moment. ...view middle of the document...

So it can target upper class and middle class and so on.

As per the marketing objective of Rejoice. Rejoice to make devoted to maintain the customer and increase sales.

4. Key message

Rejoice think that everyone, especially woman want to own smooth hair. Rejoice help people to achieve their dream and let people have a smooth live every day.

5. Appeals

Most of the advertisement of rejoice apply love appeal. Those story would like to share a message that because of love, we can smooth everything up.

As per the marketing communication tools, Rejoice usually use advertisement in newspaper and television and magazine. And I saw promotion truck at street before, the staff give free sample to the passengers.
7. Marketing Channel
Rejoice' marketing channel can be TVB, Radio, Internet and so on. They place any advertisement on those channel and keep their news in front of publics.

8. Personal Opinion/ how they can improve

In the past, Rejoice mostly announce their advertisement on TV channel and radio channel. But this time, they decide to announce this "Hugs " advertisement on the YouTube. I think it is really a good try. Rejoice' mainly target audience is young office lady, college girl and teenagers. The stage of young people properly keen on Internet access.

So I suggest Rejoice can use both of social media and old media for the communication tools in the future. And the social media will become an powerful communication tool for approaching different types of audiences, especially the new and young generation. I believe that Rejoice use both of social media and old media can fully cover the different type of target.

For the social media, Rejoice can use Facebook, and Wechat and so on. Rejoice can keep the client know about more detail of the product. If Rejoice launch any new events and project. Rejoice can post on the Facebook Fans Page. If the publics like the fans page and become our members. They can know the most updated details about Rejoice. As for the Wechat, we can follow a example of McDonald. Once Rejoice have any message would like to pass to audience. They can sent out message to the audiences.

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