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Nightingale Hospital Regulatory Audit

Nightingale Hospital Regulatory Audit
Nightingale Community Hospital is an innovator of high quality care and patient centered services. The hospital vision and mission focus on all stakeholders in the health care community and their role in either delivering or receiving excellence in care. The services offered at Nightingale are comprehensive and include: General Medicine; Critical Care; Emergency; Oncology; Cardiology; Telemetry; Vascular; Neuroscience; Orthopedics; Imaging; Obstetrics; Nursery; Endoscopy and Surgical Services. The administration pledge to the community the core values of Community and Teamwork, as well as ...view middle of the document...

There were two/1000 patient days in both November and December. The goal of any hospital, specifically the pharmacists and the nursing staff is to deliver zero medication errors, regardless it be anticoagulant or otherwise. Nightingale has implemented two robust policies to address errors: Pharmacist Managed Warfarin Dosing and Monitoring Anticoagulation.
Corrective action needs to include the findings and focus on three critical things. 1. Who needs to take corrective steps? This can be a group, individual or the system. 2. What needs to be addressed and how. This can include several elements such as the medication itself, an upgrade to the dispensing system or staff training. 3. When? What is the timeline for the corrective action. The “Pharmacist Managed Warfarin Dosing” policy purpose is to provide guidelines to inpatient pharmacists for independently dosing warfarin when physicians delegate that authority to them. . In this policy there is a preprinted order that requires a check or circle. This puts the patient at risk in that anyone can check or circle the order. The pharmacist can circle back to the ordering physician if unclear. But sometimes in rushed situations that does not happen. A more clear and consistent policy would be for the ordering physician to initiate a written or verbal order for the initiation of anticoagulant therapy to be “monitored per pharmacy” thereafter. For this corrective action the physician and pharmacists are the who. The what, is requiring an initial written or order for all anticoagulant therapy. When, should start immediately to avoid further medication errors.
The “Monitoring Anticoagulation” sets for to ensure the safety and timeliness of warfarin, unfractionated heparin and low molecular weight heparin anticoagulation for the acute care areas. This policy puts a high level of responsibility on the nursing staff. The nurse is...

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