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Regression Paper

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Regression Paper


The purpose of regression analysis is to find out the values of parameters for a purpose that cause the purpose to best fit a set of selected data observations. The description of this linear regression test will be explained and analyzed in the paper. The data collected for various teams will help comparing the numbers with the anticipation of getting a reliable and comparable hypothesis test answer. Having enough data will give the ...view middle of the document...

Team D formulated both verbal and numerical hypothesis statements on the salaries of Major League Baseball players. In addition to using the regression hypothesis test linear, the Team also studies the data given by the Major League Baseball player’s data. This analysis confirms that the mean salary for Major League Baseball players is considerably correlated to the team wins. The sample mean of team salaries and the sample mean of wins of our data set are prime variables. Using regression analysis played an important role in helping us answer the research question of if the salary of Major League Baseball players is connected to the wins of Major League Baseball teams.

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