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Reform Of Public Sector In Solomon Islands Siwa & Siea

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Mg405 individual project
-Case study on: SIWA and siea-

Mg405 individual project
-Case study on: SIWA and siea-

Hyemin Hazel Yeo
Hyemin Hazel Yeo


I verify that this assignment is primarily or solely our own work. If I have used other sources, I have used them appropriately and provided clear attribution and complete citations to the resources. I have not borrowed anyone else’s words, phrases, or ideas without giving clear credit to that person. I understand that the penalty for plagiarism includes any or all of the following: failure in the project with no opportunity to revise, failure in the course with opportunity to ...view middle of the document...

S.I’s tumultuous history is a result of long suffering from economic stagnation. Before the first contact to the outer world, S.I was notorious for cannibalism. Later, during the colonial year the contact with outer world influenced to slowly develop but Britain’s footprint was light until World War I. In 1942, Japanese forces and USA forces brimmed into Guadalcanal and became major battlefield that caused major damages to its economy.
When S.I finally gained independence on 1978 the whole nation rejoiced but rather faced some disappointment for the next 30 years. Since independence, the GDP was mostly positive between 1978 and 1996 because of dominance of agriculture in the economy but soon after experienced inflation, negative growth rate etc. It was formally known for least developed country in the region with high dependency on donors yet very slow development and progress. With majority 52% of 460,000 populations out of are under age of 18 and highest growing rate in the region, only one in six young people are employed and per capita annual income of US$500 as of 2003 causing poverty issue to arise. Repeated corruption in both government and organizations flamed the conflict damage toward the infrastructure, private sectors and other public services. As result between 1998 and 2002 GDP drop drastically 24% with unfortunate export and serious problem on both domestic and foreign debt settlement. From 1998 to 2003 all the GDP growth was negative mainly because of the tension ( Holden & Holden, 2005).
Demographic shift from rural to urban areas is another major concern in Honiara. There is drastic increase in fringe settlements and it is not being well managed. There was about 15% of the total population lived in urban towns with rest 85% living in the rural areas. However, over the last two decades, there has been drastic increase in urban population mainly because of out-migration from the rural places. With the over populated community in the capital it has contributed to the period of ethnic tension between 1999 and 2003 (Barnabas Anga, 2009). This ethnic tension brought major setbacks that the government requested assistance from Australia and other PICs for Regional Assistance Mission to S.I (RAMSI) initiated in 2003 to maintain law and order stabilize governance finance and protection (Australian Development, 2013).
With the help of RAMSI there were visual changes and slow stabilization however there has been several violence outbreaks in and around especially in period of election and riot between provinces even after the arrival of RAMSI. All these factors reversed the country’s slow economy development. Nevertheless, RAMSI presence clearly has strong impact of minimization of violence and investor confidence as only time and stability can reconcile the fundamental damage done to the wellbeing of the economy.
This Project will be based on a case study of State Owned enterprise, Solomon Island Water Authority (SIWA) and...

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