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Reflective Thinking Essay #3

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The most significant thing I learned last week was that I need to be more prepare for my briefings. I thought I could go in front of the class and just wing it without any practice or a dry run. I was mistaken; I made it through the topic of CMSAF James Cody’s view on the Enlisted Performance Report but I struggled. I had to back track ...view middle of the document...

It reminded me of my senior year when I would give briefings in my speech class and I would normally just go out there and wing it. I learned that if you want to be a good speaker that you have to rehearse these things. If not I will go out there and get lost in my speech and lose track out where I am due to nerves. The briefings have been the most frustrating for me not because I am scared to talk in front of the class it was because I was unprepared. I have learned that if you want to be a good leader/speaker that you have to be prepared for any situation that is thrown your way. Whether it has to deal with a troop being late for work, a troop with personal problems, or just being able to communicate with your troops. You need to be prepared for the situations mentally and physically to be a good leader. That is what I learned in class last week and I hope to improve myself to become a good speaker and leader.

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