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Reflective Essay

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Three weeks after I started the final year of my degree I had to report on my progress in the project on which I am working. I am developing a new database for the management information system of a small company. I was immediately worried about not saying the right things and not being able to answer questions properly. I did a presentation in the second year and felt the same about it initially, but I was thinking then, like on this occasion, that I could use my acting skills.

I decided to use Power Point even ...view middle of the document...

(How do you know when you know enough about something? – dummy runs, I suppose, but I couldn’t get the laptop when I wanted it).

When it came to the presentation, I really wanted to do it well – as well as the student presentations were done the week before which were interesting, informative and clear and I thought the handouts from them were good (I noticed that the best gave enough but not too much information).

In the event, the session was a disaster and has left me feeling uncomfortable at college and I even worry about it at home. I need to think about why a simple presentation could have such an effect on me. The Power Point went wrong (I think I clicked on the wrong thing). My efforts to be calm and ‘cool’ failed and my voice went wobbly – that was, anyway, how it felt to me. My friend actually said afterwards that I looked quite calm despite what I was feeling (I am not sure whether she meant it or was trying to help me). When I think back to that moment, if I had thought that I still looked calm (despite what I felt), I could have regained the situation. As it was, it went from bad to worse and I know that my state became obvious because Mrs Higginbottom, my project supervisor, began to answer questions for me.

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