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Reflection Paper Sample

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Reflection to my 320-hour On-the-Job Training

“A mind that is stretched by new experiences will never go back to its old dimensions”, Oliver Wendell Holmes jr. - America's former Supreme Court Associate Justice – said. Therefore, I thank AMICI Mercantile Inc. especially the BPM Department for honing me to be the person I am today. Thank you for helping me develop my critical and analytical thinking to be an efficient professional in the future. I am very fulfilled and elated with what I have become after the 320 hours training.

Time have passed very fast and I really enjoyed staying as AMICI Mercantile Inc. - Business Process Management's OJT Trainee. I immensely enjoyed doing business processes in the KISSFLOW application. ...view middle of the document...

But more than the technical information that I gained from this 40-day experience, I was able to see and know the good working ethics and practices that all the employees had exemplify. They really showed that there are far more things than being a technically effective worker.

Another factor that made this OJT training worthwhile are the people I am working with for the past 40 days. The BPM department especially Mr. Kevin M. Lao, Mr. Berson Ramos and Engr. Abigail dela Torre were really generous in sharing all their knowledge and guiding us to be a good employee. Automating procedures and business processes is not an easy task but they were always reliable and approachable whenever we got inquiries and questions.

Honestly, The method used in our 40-day experience was really a good. It is because I am learning together with my friends who, just like me, were hired as OJT Trainees. Learning is so much fun when you're doing it together with your friends. Socializing and communicating is much more easier..In short, Learning is better spent together with your friends. I know that the set-up in the future as I worked will not be like this. My friends and I will not be able to work at the same company. But, as of now, when its still just a training, the set-up I had as an OJT Trainee was very ideal. I can't imagine a better scenario.

In conclusion, just like what is indicated in the beginning of this, I give my highest gratification to all the employees at AMICI Mercantile Inc. for providing us an ideal working environment and challenging internship program that are really aligned to what our course requires. This is an experience I will always treasure and keep for the rest of my life.

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