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Reflection Journal Essay

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“Courage of a Mother”, the first commercial in the series, is based on the true story of a Taiwanese mother who travelled solo to Spain in order to take care of her daughter who had just given birth. Unable to speak any English or Spanish, she drew deep from the wells of maternal love to survive her first time away from her home country. However, when she arrived at Spain. She was stopped and arrested by the Spanish immigration officers during a security check. What they had found in her bag was a packet of herbs which looked like illegal drugs to them. She started resisting and ...view middle of the document...

Protagonist – Mum
She was the main character of the whole video as it shows her putting the effort and facing all difficulties to find her daughter who is half a globe away despite being her first time travelling out of her home country.

Primary – Implicit: A mother’s love is extraordinary.
Explicit: The bank is trying to tell the audiences that they are also extraordinary, just like the mother in the commercial. As western societies that favor more humorous or action-packed topics, therefore TC bank used this scenario which may inspired the audience and it may happened in the real life.
Secondary – Emotional: Heart-warming and touching. Creates emotions within the person who watched the commercial.
“Broadening” perspectives:
First person point of view: Tired after the long travelling and scared when being arrested by the Spanish immigration officers.
Third person point of view: From third person point of view, we can see that all she does not mind travelling across half the globe despite the long distance. And she is very frustrated when the Spanish immigration officers failed to understand her explanation that it was just a packet of herbs.
Comments from the audience about the ads:

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