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|Date: 8MAY12 |Time: 2000-2100 |Location: AA Meeting-Waikiki Health Center |
|Analysis of Interactions with Patients |I did not interact with any of the members of the group. I sat back and just listened |
| |to each member as they spoke. |
|Interventions with Patients |N/A |
|Evaluation of the Effectiveness of an |N/A |
|Individual’s Treatment Regime | ...view middle of the document...

She shared that she just got her job back today and that she went in an apologized to her boss, specifically about abruptly taking a week off to party. She stated she needed friends and would do her best to offer support to other members also. Others spoke of just trying to stay sober and not so much follow 12 steps at this time. It was sad to see what alcohol and drugs do to people’s lives and how they have to try every day to pick up the pieces but it’s nice to see how close these members get and the support they offer and have for each other. I feel lucky that I never fell into a path that drew me to become and alcoholic or drug abuser and also privileged to see what it does to people’s lives and that I would never want to have to go through that or put people that I love through alcoholism or drug abuse.

An appropriate nursing diagnosis could be Dysfunctional Family Processes related to alcoholism. Many spoke of problems they still have with family members. Whether it be because they still are drinkers, or that the problems that were caused when the person themselves was a drinker. An intervention appropriate will be for the nurse to review family history and explore roles of family members, circumstances involving drug use, strengths, and areas for growth. This helps determine areas for focus and potential for change. Assess current level of functioning of family members. This strongly can affect an individual’s ability to cope with situation. Thirdly as the nurse determine the extent of enabling behaviors being evidenced by family members and explore with each individual and client. A rationale for this intervention is that people want to be helpful and do not want to feel powerless to help their loved one stop substance use and change the behavior that is so destructive, although a substance abuser often relies on others to rescue them by covering up own inability to cope with their own daily responsibilities.

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