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Red truck

The short story ”Red truck” by Maria Behan was published in 2006, is about a man called Fintan. Sylvia his girlfriend tricked him he though they were going to the planetarium, instead she drived him to visit his mother, to pick up his stuff from the house, before she moves out of it. When Fintan came to the house, he went immediately up to the attic. While he looked through the boxes, he found his red truck. Simply by just looking at the truck and the rest of his stuff, he was reminded of his 6th birthday and that summer. That little red truck meant a lot to him. One day he woke up, and saw that the truck isn’t were it should be. He looked after the truck in the entire house, but blamed it on his older brothers Shane and Peter. Fintan helped his mother charring some food, than on his way home he founds his red truck. Fintan went down from the ceiling. He showed his mother what he found, his red truck but in his ...view middle of the document...

But Fintan has previously been an artist. His sculptures are still exhibited, but it’s long time ago he went out of school and had a job. As we also see in the text, page 8 line 16-17 “ His time problem was compounded by the fact that the markers had become indistinct since his schooling ended nearly three decades before”. Fintan girlfriends were always the same age – their late 20s. They were all the same and not so attractive according to Fintan.
When Fintan were a child, he got “bullied” by his brother, most of his big brother Peter, and often they saw him like a chicken and got forced to say he is a baby.
* “ Peter was big enough to overpower and humiliate Fintan, but not mature enough to disdain wasting his strength on crawny fledgling” (page 10, line 76-78)
* “ Short-pantsers like Fintan(page 10, line 76)
* “ A scrawny fledgling(page 10, line 78)
* “ Forcing him to repeat im a pretty baby(page 10, line 93)

The truck means a lot to Fintan. As we can see from the way it’s described, how it looks and when I touch’s it. It reminds him of his childhood “ Fingering the toy, wheels, Fintan was transported back to his sixth birthday” (page 10, line 72).
The truck gets a whole new meaning because it’s related to his father. His farther thought that Fintan will follow his steps, because his farther worked in a apple industry, can we see”
“ You’ll join the business one day, so you’ll” (page 10, line 86).

Kind of every person has siblings. Family/siblings, can be pretty annoying, we can fight, argument, there can go minutes, hours, days without talking to each other. Discuss etc. but in the end they’re still our friends, accept us for the person we’re, they don’t judge us, because they know us. Nowadays, we only have our family/siblings, real friends don’t exist anymore, witch is sad. But why get siblings jealous? Actually there can be so many answers, one of them can be if the sibling is a little brother/sister, if we steal their attention they would do anything to get that attention back. But again, it is the responsibility of the parents to raise their children in the right way, tell them what is good and bad, and teach them to stay together no matter what.

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