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Terrorism exists throughout the world; in Russia, Nizhnevartovsk to be exact The Red Storm is Rising. Thomas Leo Clancy Jr. aka Tom Clancy projected there will be a third World War; this one was initiated in Russia, ironically from Russia targeting oil by the Soviets. The attack led to Soviet Union aiming to taking over the Persian Gulf which is a threat to the United States of America and many other countries. The objective is oil; the turnout is World War three. NATO is concerned due to the fact of the Soviet Army attempting to ...view middle of the document...

Tom Clancy studied military science so these scenarios were logical and realistic. The fact that there was an order of attack and a strategized method of attack are key situations that really expand your imagination in this book. For example when US attacked Soviet bombers and weakened the Soviets force in Germany is completely accurate, or at least sounds like it would be accurate. Whether it was NATO using forces to take the strength of the Persian Gulf back or the battle in Iceland this seemed to happen randomly on the map, but still was able to achieve the compelling idea that it was covert missions. However, you could feel like the fact that three people initiated this by setting fire in the oil field may leave you questioning the truth behind this. Three people could set the fires but all the work they had to do, sneaking past the engineering staff and opening hundreds of oil valves without being caught is suspicious. The KGB book is a secret piece of material that would be heavily accounted for and should not have been able to get into the hands of the General. Tom Clancy maybe should have added what he is famous for and been more technologically savage.

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