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Red Badge Of Courage Essay

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Aaron Vigna

The Red Badge of Courage

This book is a story of life. It shows the trials and everyday that henry went through. Scholars say that the war is a comparison to daily life. Life is like a war. In the battles of the war, people will change. They can become stronger. They can become weaker. They can choose to go on or give up. In this book, the main character Henry Fleming, changes throughout the battles he goes through. He goes through a character change that shows how people must get through their own fears, daily life, and struggles that hold us back from becoming the best. How Henry changes in this story, he shows that all people in the world have a sense of fear that we should overcome. In the beginning of the book, the first section, he is a young boy. He is inexperienced. He was selfish. He entered the ...view middle of the document...

Jim said that he had thought about it. Henry thought, if it was ok for his friend jim to run, it should be fine for himself to do that. He learns to not give up to the easier path.
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Aaron Vigna

Henry learns how important it is to be a friend. And he learns where the limits sit. He had promised his friend Jim that he would take care of him. That had only lasted for a little bit as Jim dies. Henry soon figures out that you can only be so much and do so much. There are limits in a friendship but, they build each other up. Rely on one another. Next, Henry becomes more “manly” to where he lies about his wound on the head. He knows that they would all congratulate him, and he would be held higher in appearance to the other soldiers. He took it to his advantage where he would become a higher person. The one everyone is talking about. The last part of the book, henry has changed. From being scared and selfish, he becomes brave. He didn’t pay attention to the expectations of his fellow soldiers, and shows himself courageous by taking the flag from the dead soldier and waving it in front of the regiment. He risked his life from being shot at. Taking the flag had proven him “manly” where he puts away his scary and selfish childhood and becomes a new person. He was experienced and a courageous man. Through his circumstances, he taught himself how to be a strong corageous soldier. He finds his inner courage. In the beginning, he was anxious about how he would do, and what would everyone think of him. At the end, he finds his will power, and courage. He ignores and lets go of everything around and focuses on
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Aaron Vigna

the Union flag. He proves himself as a brave soldier. A hero. He took the war as a place to grow. He has become the soldier that everyone today should be. It tells us not to give up. Not to be selfish. But to grow from everything around us. That we should stand up and be brave and get our own badge of courage.

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