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Recycling Essay

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Recycling is a commonly heard term specially in science classes, it means to dispose of materials the correct way so it can be reused. Although it is commonly well known many people ignore the fact that in order for it to work they actually need to regularly participate in the recycling process by disposing of their waste the correct way. If every were to do this the term “recycle” would not be seen as the cli·ché term we hear in science class but as a process that is going to help our environment in the long run.
There is not only one specific way recycling is beneficial for the environment, we could go different ways with this topic so I am going to address the most important ways ...view middle of the document...

Instead of dumping old items we do not use anymore we should be focused on seeing how that item can be reused either by using it for something else or simply by taking it to a recycling plant so they can break it apart and reuse parts and bits of it. The more waste we prevent from going to the landfill the less waste that needs to be dumped in a landfill. Also by reducing the waste we prevent factories or manufacturing companies from having to produce mass quantities of merchandise. Landfill are not safe for the environment they can leak into the groundwater causing harm to not only the environment but humans too. Besides landfills we can develop a type of ecological landfill where waste will be properly disposed off and no harm will come to the environment and we can reduce the amount of landfills we currently have today.
Pollution is more widely talked about since it is the most visible to men. When large amounts of waste or garbage is dumped out in the ocean or on roadsides it harms the surrounding environment. Pollution and can also alter our weather and produce acid rain from chemicals or nuclear sites, which also harms the environment. With recycling we can prevent such harms by recycling the plastic we use and disposing of it in the correct and proper way.
Energy consumption can be reduced by recycling because the energy necessary to produce a certain good will be reduced if you recycle a previous good. An example is making paper from wood takes up more energy than making paper from recycled paper since most of the process is done.
Overall Recycling is a great way to help improve the environment.

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