Recording, Analysing And Using Hr Information

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Recording, analysing and using HR information.

Amanda Dingli
Student number: 284483
Unit number 3RAI
Recording, analysing and using HR information
Lecturer - Amanda Williams
2nd February 2015

Activity 1.
The aim of this briefing note is to review the organisation’s approach to collecting, storing and using HR data.
Two reasons why Outlook Expeditions needs to collect HR data are:
* To ensure compliance with legal requirements by keeping employees personal and employment details recorded and kept up to date and stored for a specified number of years.
* To ensure that decisions relating to redundancies, training and recruitment of staff can be made based upon the ...view middle of the document...

, were paper based.
The advantage of paper files are that in the event of a power cut, computer virus or problems with computer software, paper files could be used as a back-up and employees can continue working without having to rely on the electronic systems.
Paper files are easier to use and there would be no need to provide specific software training for individuals which could, in turn, reduce training costs.

UK Legislation
The Data Protection Act 1998 controls how employers handle personal information relating to employees and gives individuals the right to know what information is held about them. The employer is responsible to ensure that any data held is used fairly and legally and is kept safe and secure.
The Freedom of Information Act 2000 only covers public authorities and gives individuals the right to request information from public authorities. This does not include personal information relating to an individual as this would have to be requested under the Data Protection Act 1998.

Activity 2.
Employee Reward and Recognition
As Outlook Expeditions has a high staff turnover, it is important to reward and recognise employees who are loyal and experienced by implementing a service recognition scheme for employees who have worked for the organisation for specified periods of time.
The proposal is to recognise employees who have worked for Outlook for a continuous period of three, five and ten years by introducing a healthcare scheme based on the number of years that each individual has been employed. I strongly believe that introducing this will also help to boost the morale of staff as Outlook will start to reward employees for their commitment to the organisation.
To analyse how much the healthcare benefit would cost the company, I have taken the years of service of each employee by calculating their start date and completed years of service up to 2015.
Based on calculations:
* 3% of employees have been employed for 10 years or more
Total cost of annual health care is £210.00
* 35% of employees...

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