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Reate A Positive Influence Essay

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Every organization has specific individuals for specific jobs. These individuals have a unique characteristic that makes them stand out to the organization. My organization has assigned my team a one year project that will change the organization. In order to be successful over the course of the year a clearly defined plan will be developed and carried out that addresses differences in attitudes, emotions, personalities and values as well as increasing the teams motivation, satisfaction and performance.
In any team environment success is contingent on the motivation, satisfaction and performance of the team. Each of these facets requires the other to be successful. First, in order to ...view middle of the document...

Since a team is composed of multiple people with different attitudes, emotions, personalities and values not everyone on the team will see eye to eye. Each person’s attitude and values will have a direct correlation to the motivation, satisfaction and performance. A poor attitude and minimum personal values will have team member’s motivation very low in most instances. Additionally a team member’s attitude can impact other team member’s emotions and depending on their personality a significant conflict can occur. All four of these underlying issues, attitudes, emotions, personalities and values will have a great impact on individual behaviors and team success. A team with conflict and negativity will be more prone to fail then that with camaraderie and positivity. Once the three significant elements are recognized along with the underlying personality issues that need to be considered a plan for positive influence can be created.
In order to create a positive influence and a successful project completion this plan will consist of an open dialogue of communication between all team members and the leader. The plan shall establish ground rules identified by the team in order to facilitate the addressing of and concerns, behaviors, attitudes or values questioned by any single member of the team or the team itself. The goal-setting theory, where setting specific and difficult goals, with feedback, lead to higher performance will be...

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