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Reason For Motivation Essay

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Now let's address each one in turn:
Do the people who perform monotonous work feel their job has value? Do they feel valued by other people in the organization? Many people feel their job is meaningless; it does not matter to the business and they feel like they are the undervalued.
Focus employees on the people affected by a task and recognise the value. e.g keeping car owners and passengers safe, building safe and strong houses etc.
Engage employees in problem-solving activities; ask for their input. 揥hat can we do to make your ...view middle of the document...

Reduce the wage disparity between high and low skills workers. Initiate a payment for skills programme - where people who expand their skills are recognised for their extra contribution to the business.
Lack of Control
This is where there is low worker control over the work processes. Give people greater power over their work. This can be achieved at an individual level by making team managers responsible for profit and loss on contracts, customer care quality, training, and organising shifts. Or better yet, setting up self-managed team where everyone has responsibility for the quality, production, customer satisfaction, training opportunities and work organisation.
If people's pay is based around piece rate pay - look at ways of giving them back more control, setting up a team-based approach and allowing them to become more self-directed. Piece rate pay has deleterious effect on employee health - pressure to perform, constant monitoring, little control lead to increased anxiety and raised blood pressure.
Lack of Opportunities
Provide training and development opportunities. Set up processes to identify the hidden management potential in your people. Develop a skills training programme or offer apprenticeships around the role.

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