Reading Journal Essay

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Reading Journal 1
Intro to Literature
Marissa Simmons
11 May 2014

A village and other villages of this story all host a lottery. This lottery consisted of every one of the village putting their names on slips of paper and putting it in a pathetic black box. After everyone had done this, the person in charge, Mr. Summers, would draw a name from the box. The name that was drawn would be stoned to death by the village. The name that was drawn was Bill Hutchinson, which created a commotion with his wife, Tessie ...view middle of the document...

I believe that Shirley Jackson was had a great point with The Lottery. In our society now, we are so blinded by tradition and stereotypes or even ways we were brought up to prosecuted people or different race, sex, or even sexual orientations. The Lottery shows how the villagers instantly become so blinded when they kill Tessie. Her own friends and family prosecuted her without hesitation because they are following what they believe and know to be true and good. I think that Shirley was trying to get across that there are too many people out there that follow traditions that are bad and prosecute people and that we need to open our eyes and stop being blinded.
This story made me think of how crazy people are with following traditions. I have a friend in a sorority and when they were going through the new member period before being initiated into the sisterhood, they were treated poorly one night. The sisters all kept repeating that it was tradition and they have always done it. The way they treated them was not how I thought sisters should treat each other. They didn’t think they were doing anything wrong because they were just following tradition.

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