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Reading Comprehension Essay

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Chapter II

Research Method and Design
The descriptive method of research is used in this study. Since descriptive method is a fact finding study with adequate and accurate interpretation of findings that describes what actually exists in current conditions. Consequently, descriptive method of research is best suited in attaining the purpose of this study because this research involved a description, recording, analysis and interpretation of what actually existed in current conditions.

Respondents of the Study
The respondents of this study were the 42 students of fourth year, Section V, of Manuel A. Roxas High School. The 42 students were interviewed and undergone tests to ...view middle of the document...

52% |
|87-90 |6 |14.29% |
|83-86 |9 |21.43% |
|79-82 |15 |35.72% |
|75-78 |4 |9.52% |
|71-74 |2 |4.76% |
|Total |42 |100% |

The table showed that 9 or 21.43% of the respondents have an average result in reading comprehension test. Four or 9.52% got the equivalent grade that ranges from 75-79. 15 or 35.72% got the grade that ranges 79-82, 6 or 14.29% grade that ranges 87-90 or 14.29%. It proved that samples had a favourable reading comprehension ability, wherein 2 out of 42 of the total respondents had passed the test. On the other hand, there were more samples that got below average grades than those who got high average grades. It means that those respondents who got below average grades need to strive more to further improve their reading abilities.

In determining the scoring procedures of the student’s levels in reading comprehension performance, the rating scale below was used.

Excellent Reading Comprehension Performance – With in the class limits 96-95
Very Good Reading Comprehension Performance – With in the class limits 91-94
Good Reading Comprehension Performance – With in the class limits 90-87
Average Reading Comprehension Performance – With in the class limits 86-83
Low Average Reading Comprehension Performance – With in the class limits 82-79
Poor Reading Comprehension Performance – With in the class limits 78-74

Table 2
|Performance Levels |Frequency |Percentage |
|ERCP |2 |4-76% |
|VGRCP |4 |9.52% |
|GRCP |6 |14.29% |
|ARCP |9 |21.43% |
|LARCP |15 |35.72% |
|PRCP |6 |14.28% |
|Total |42 ...

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