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Reader Englisch M1.2 Business School 2014 2015

9648 words - 39 pages

We mean business!

Business School
1st year (Major 1/2)


First year English module M1 (CEF: B1)
Windesheim Business School
Authors: Dinand Warringa, Marianne van Vlierden, Ellen Keates
August 2014, revised
1. Introduction

For you, personally, the question is whether or not your English meets the requirements demanded of a student in Higher Education. In terms of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEF) this means this module aims at reaching the B1 level of proficiency in Business English. However, regardless of your previous field of study, no exemption will be granted for following the Start-Up English module as we thoroughly ...view middle of the document...


This module consists of seven two-hours’ lectures in which you are given the opportunity to demonstrate your English language skills such as reading, listening, writing and speaking.

Your proficiency is tested in a multiple choice examination which takes place in the test period. The written exam is a one-hour multiple choice exam, consisting of 40 questions in which 3 alternatives are given for each question. The questions will assess your knowledge of English grammar and business vocabulary as well as reading, writing and listening skills. Apart from testing your grammatical knowledge, there will be questions on vocabulary and the texts from this reader. Moreover, reading proficiency will be tested as well by answering a few questions on a new text.

In addition, you will have the chance to gain a bonus of 0.3 points by doing a Listening Test in week 5. This listening test is ONLY done in class in week 5! The bonus will only count for the first regular exam: i.e. for the exam of the block in which the module was taught. Due to administrative reasons it is not possible to take the bonus with you for a resit exam.

Your final grade should at least be 5.5 in order to get your 2 ECs. You are expected to have done your homework assignments before coming to class.

In order to be able to prepare for your classes and participate in them, you must have this reader, which can be found on ELO (N@tschool) which you then print yourself. Be sure to have a copy with you in week 2! You will also need to have Core Business (Noordhoff publishers; ISBN 978-90-01-79472-9) for self-study and lectures. Be sure to have the book as quickly as possible since it will be used in every lesson! Keep in mind that the personal code on the voucher that comes with the book gives you access to the website that can be used for self-study and additional practice material.

In week 4 you will do a test (in Dutch: ‘formatieve toets’) which will give you an indication of the level of your English. This test will be done during class. The test will indicate which aspects of your knowledge of especially English grammar need further attention. You can then brush up on those aspects by using “Core Business” and the remedial sheet, Up to scratch.

In this module different aspects of the English language are dealt with. You will read texts on various subjects which you then have to summarise or you are asked to answer questions about these texts, showing your understanding of the texts. These texts are also dealt with in the group discussions and other exercises in class in which you are expected to participate.

You are also expected to study the vocabulary in order to be able to recognise and use it effectively for the class assignments and final examination. At the end of this reader you will find word lists for every single text in this reader. You are expected to find correct translations yourself; this is part of your homework for...

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