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Reaction Paper Philippine Admininstrative System

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Make a reaction why we have to start the course in PAS with knowing our Country’s history and culture roots.

The Republic of the Philippines is a constitutional democracy, with the President as head of state. The Philippine Constitution is the fundamental basis of the laws of the land. The country has had several Constitutions, but the current one was adopted through a nationwide plebiscite in 1987. It is supported by other laws, such as the Civil Code, the Labor Code, the Omnibus Investments Code, and the National Internal Revenue Code, as well as by rules and regulations passed by government bodies. The latter include rulings, letters or instructions, circulars, memoranda, administrative orders, judicial orders, and ...view middle of the document...

These approaches made more sense and had greater relevance than other approaches as it took into consideration the fact that political, social, economical and psychological environments have effect on human motivation and which ultimately has an effect on the work output of an individual. These also helped to develop an understanding of what, how and why the way public administration act. These showed that the way administration is conducted is influenced by human sentiments, presumption biases and perceptions, which many of us may have experienced first-hand during our interaction with government organizations and public administrators.

Today’s administrative Systems are described as open system as they take in inputs (resources) from the environment and transforms or process these resources into outputs that are distributed into the environment.
Organizations are not self-contained. They rely on their environment for essential inputs and as outlets to absorb their outputs. No administrative system can survive for long if it ignores government regulations, supplier relations, or the varied external constituencies upon which it depends.
The study of public administration seeks to recreate a segment of history. It studies the public administration of the past with a particular time span, organizing and interpreting the information in a chronological order. It naturally commands a powerful attraction in a society having rich past and can be valuable in identifying the uniqueness of the administrative system.
Public administration explains the difference of every administrative system that they face different situations and thus require different ways of managing.

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