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Reaction Paper About Media

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Welcome to another fun-filled adventure
as we take a new journey to the world of
Science. This time, we will be investigating
and describe the particle nature of matter
and have fun to the different activities
prepared for you.
Matter is made up of tiny particles which
are invisible to the naked eye, but can be
detected by other senses. Though we do
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2. Observe how the scent to reaches to the pupils’
nose at the other end of the room.

1. What phase of matter reached to the last pupil’s nose?
A. plasma B. solid C. gas D. liquid
2. When a liquid changes into a gas, it is called what?
A. Condensation B.Evaporation C.Melting D.Sublimation
3. Why do you think the odor reached the other end of the
room? __________________________________________

Most products have
been produced or improved by
technology. Know in what conditions
they could be beneficial and when they
can harm you and the

Salt can..
Soothe a bee sting.
Wet the sting right
away then, cover it
with salt.

What You Need What To Do:

* rock salt 1. Place a few grains
* pc. of paper of rock salt on a piece
* spoon of paper.
2 . Try to divide the salt
by crushing it with a
3 . Taste the smallest

1. Is the smallest particle of salt you crushed still salt?
2. Why?


What You Need:
Water, cloth, tissue, piece glass, hand lens

What To Do:
1. Put a drop of water on a piece of glass
2. Separate it into smallest drops.
3. Look at the smallest drop of water through a hand lens.
4. Get a piece of tissue paper and wipe it off.

1. Which of the following is liquid?
A. cloth B. tissue C. glass D. water
2. Liquid is easy to compress.
A. True B. False C. Maybe D. Never
3. Is the water absorbed by the tissue from wiping a glass
with water, still water?
4. Why? __________________________________________

The most delicious bread is
Found in Italy. It is called Italian

What You Need:
* slice of bread, grains of potassium permanganate
* glass half-filled with water, spoon

What To Do:
1. Scatter some grains of potassium permanganate on
a slice of bread. Observe it for 3-5 minutes.
2. Drop some grains of potassium permanganate into
a glass half-filled with water.
3. Observe the movement of the particles in the water.

1. How did the grains of potassium permanganate behave in water?
A. Its molecules move fast. C. Its molecules do not move.
B. Its molecules move slowly. D. Its molecules is at rest.
2. Molecules of potassium permanganate move faster in liquid.
A. True B. False C. Maybe D. Never
3. Why is it that potassium permanganate on a bread did not move
A. The bread is solid. C. The bread is gas.
B. The bread is plasma. D. The bread is liquid.

1. Group the class into five

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