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Rama Essay

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In The Ramayana, Rama is applauded for killing a scorned demon, Thataka, who was punished for her husband’s and son’s actions. Also, Rama is hesitant when he is told to kill Thataka, but Viswamithra manipulates him into thinking it is a just act to do. Although Thataka is a terrifying and destructive demon, her harsh punishment from Rama is not just because her behavior was caused by cruel and unnecessary pain and punishment inflicted by Agastya, and Rama is manipulated into killing the demon by Viswamithra, whose opinion on Thataka is single-sided.
The pain inflicted on Thataka is not just because she was held responsible for harm she did not cause. Thataka used to be a woman of “valour, might, and ...view middle of the document...

His actions were extremely unjust because Thataka was punished for grieving for her late husband. For Thataka to be enraged at Agastya is predictable and fair because he murdered her husband. Then, Agastya punished her for the crimes she did not commit in an unjust manner.
His teacher, Viswamithra, persuades Rama because his thoughts are manipulated by a single- sided opinion on Thataka. Rama is hesitant to kill Thataka because she is “still a woman” (12). However, Viswamirthra continuously badgers him with cruel portrayals of Thataka. He states that Rama should show “no consideration” (12), “not picture her as a woman at all” (13), and “rid the world of her” (13). Viswamithra has a heroic point of view because he believes that Rama is destined to kill the cold- hearted demon. He even refers to killing her as “your duty” (13). When Rama finally kills Thataka, he is praised and receives honor. Viswamithra refers to Rama as the “savior” (13). The words and actions of Viswamithra displays unjust actions and single- sided perspectives on Thataka, who really is a scorned woman and a “mother… left alone” (12).
Thataka transformed into a terrifying and destructive demon because of the cruel and hostile acts of her husband and sons. Her grieving and mourning was taken as a challenge, and she was then punished for committing no crime. Even Rama was hesitant to kill Thataka, but Viswamithra’s opinionated and close- minded opinions manipulated him. In the end, Thataka suffers immense amounts of pain for crimes she did not commit, and Rama is praised for her killing. In no way is Thataka’s punishment just but yet people hail and honor the killer, Rama.

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