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Racism is defined as the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities that are specific to that race. This distinction is often made to classify races as inferior or superior to other races. Racism has been an issue in the United States for generations, and while it is becoming increasingly less prevalent in society, its effects are still strongly felt. The primary effects of racism in the United States relate to the ...view middle of the document...

This very negatively affects minorities, as a much larger percentage of minorities attend schools with lower operating budgets than white students. To exacerbate the issue, many schools do not offer services to tailor to the needs of minority students, such as language services. Minority groups are affected by racism at any early age in their first years of education, putting them at an immediate disadvantage. (Kuznia, Rob., April 8, 2009).
Another effect of racism can be seen in the area of employment. Having friends and relatives who can introduce you to bosses or tell you about ripe opportunities has proved to be one of the most critical factors in getting work. Such connections can also help people hold onto their jobs, researchers say. Several studies show that black workers tend to lack these connections. Deirdre A. Royster, a New York University sociologist, conducted a study on this and in her research Royster followed the experiences of a group of similarly situated black and white men, all graduates of the same vocational school and who sought jobs in the same areas. She screened the men for things that might normally affect their employability: values, work ethic and performance. It turned out that the white men did much better getting jobs, which she said grew in part from their access to a more robust network of contacts. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, African Americans with at least a bachelor’s degree had a 7.1 percent jobless rate in 2011, while the white rate was 3.9 percent. Hispanics on the other hand have lower jobless rates than African Americans despite, on average, having fewer educational credentials. Tokenism is too often the rule. And what do people without any jobs means? The crime rate goes up resulting in 5 times more of minorities that are incarcerated in prison...

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