Race And Your Community Essay

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Race and Your Community
Brandy Dunlap (Logsdon)
October 6, 2011
Steven Zitar

Race and Your Community
When I look around in my community, I see people of all different races and cultures. In our community we have India, Hispanics, Blacks, Africans, White, and many more. How do we define race and diversity in our community? To start with we look at race, there are two ways of defining race one is that of an ethnical, tribal, or national stock or as any class or group, esp. of persons, considered as a class apart. Diversity is defined as essential differences or variety.
In the community I live in we treat people differently, they look at a person and think oh they look ...view middle of the document...

They feel that they can get away things that a regular person like me or a friend could not get away with.
In the news lately we have been hearing about allegations against a candidate that is running for either governor or president. How do people get their information about items like this? Do they really have to stoop so low in order to get votes in the race? I feel that if you have to make up lies to tell about people then what kind of person are you going to be in office? Do we really want a person like that in office trying to run either our state or country? I would not like having a person like that running our country or our state.
In the community that I live in it seems that they are always putting an African-American on the news for something that they did; we really do not see too many white people or any other race for that fact.
I believe that all of the racism and the diversity started back in the 1950’s when they ended segregation between white people and black people; sure the whites were not happy that black people were finally given the same rights as white people. To this day I come across people that think we are still back in that time period. As a country we have to look past all of this racism and discrimination and get along with each other.
In our school systems I have seen where students will pick on other students because of how they look, how they talk, how they dress, and where they live. I teach my children to accept everyone, I tell them everyone deserves a chance until they do something that I disapprove of then I tell my children to leave them alone.
At my place of employment I work with many that are from Africa and with some that are from India. It is hard for me to understand what they are saying for the reason that their English is not that good and most of the time they are speaking; while others speak Spanish. I think it is neat to hear them talk for I cannot understand a word they are saying.
I try to treat people with dignity and respect no matter where they came from, or what they look like, or how they speak. I enjoy learning from someone that is of a different culture, I can learn new cooking dishes from them.
A lady that I work with said at first it was hard when they came from Africa, now it is easier because they have learned many of the...

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