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Quickbooks Essay

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These days, Companies around the globe need successful and productive accounting software that support the firm and help it in development whether it’s an expansive endeavor or a little venture. The requirement for the business to have its accounts fit as a fiddle year-round is considerably a momentous accomplishment. The purpose is to help business operations run in a smooth by keeping track of all business transactions in the company (Campbell, 2012).
The growth of the accounting system allows the growth of the business because the accounting system because more well-organized. With the accounting needs growth corresponding with the growth of the business, it is substantially important to ...view middle of the document...

, 2011).
The proposition under thought depicts how setting up live venture - QuickBooks in real life will enough address the concerns of the matter of BoliEve Inc., the undertaking advantages, suggestions and the task supports. The proposal will also articulate the detailed goals of the project, measures of performance, the assumptions to be incorporated, constraints to be encountered and the alternative options available (Young, 2014).
BoliEve Inc. has in the course of the most recent three years encountered an extending customer base for its items and administrations. The ceaseless development in the customer base has prompted an increment in the work performed by the organization accountants. The point of view is likewise verbalized with the expanded number of branches set up in the district. To date, the recording of accounting transaction and resulting planning of money related explanations has been done physically over the branches. The increment in customer base and branches has therefore driven the manual framework to be lacking to viably deal with the accounting procedures. The insufficiency verbalized is showed in expanded occasions of accounting slips and extortion and expanded enlistment in the accounting department to adapt up to the test. Effective management of the accounting processes of BoliEve Inc. will be articulated by establishing an accounting system that uses QuickBooks, which is adequately outlined in this proposal of BoliEve project - QuickBooks in Action. Adopting the proposal will ensure the accounting process is adequately checked for instances of errors and frauds and also a reduction in labor costs in the accounting function of the firm (Collins, A Quick Guide to QuickBooks These 15 tips will boost your proficiency on the world's most popular accounting system., 2011). The adoption of QuickBooks accounting system also enables the firm to prepare properly, efficiently and accurately the financial statements of the company using a common policy and at a central point through a similar network of connectivity.
Establishing an accounting system that uses QuickBooks will enable BoliEve Inc. to manage the accounting procedure and processes and administer adequate measures against fraud and errors. The project under consideration will also check on costs associated with recruiting the accounting personnel involved in documenting accounting transactions and preparation of financial statements. BoliEve Inc. use of the QuickBooks accounting system will also bring an overall benefit accrued from timely and accurate financial reporting (Pulaski, 2012). The real time access reduces instances of errors and frauds, and the also the statements are readily available to authorized users.
Alternatives and a wide array of options were adequately looked into to come up with the ideal ways to leverage on technology with the aim of improving the accounting process and reduction of fraud and errors within BoliEve Inc. the project...

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