Questions For Household Survey For Mgnrega

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1. Household Name
2. Name of Head of Family
3. Category :-

4. Are you a beneficiary under any of the following:-
IAY | LAND REFORMS | Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers Act |

5. Is the family BPL family?
Yes | No |

6. How many individuals working under MGNREGA?
Men | Women |

1. Did you pay anything for getting the application for registration?
2. Has a job card been issued to your HH? If yes, then were you asked to pay any amount for getting the job card issued?
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Is the work site within 5 km radius? If no then what is the wage received?
9. Was there any delay in payment of wages?
10. Did you take any action to curb such practices?
11. Did you go for work in which delay in payment of wages was made?
12. Did the delay in payment of wages force you to migrate during lean periods?
13. Ratio of wages male: female?
14. What are the provisions provided to you at the worksite?
15. What is the mode of payment of wages?
16. How has NREGA helped you in terms of creating durable assets?
17. What is the quality of assets created?
18. What are the types of works you think needs to be taken up?
19. How often are you involved in the social audit process?
20. Did you propose any recommendations for the work to be taken up? Was the work approved? If not, then why?
21. Rank these in terms of advantages that you received from NREGA
a. Increased income
b. Guaranteed work/ security
c. Durable assets
d. Work close to home
e. Others
22. Which of the following works gave you the maximum benefits?
a. Land development
b. Irrigation facilities
c. Water harvesting and water conservation
d. Drought proofing
e. Others
23. Any other problems being faced by you?

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