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Questionnaire Essay

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Strongly Strongly
Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Agree

1. The shopping centre plays music that I like ( ( ( ( (

2. Centre music is played at an appropriate volume ( ( ( ( (

3. The centre lighting is appropriate ( ( ( ( (

4. The centre temperature is comfortable ( ( ( ( (

5. Centre’s architecture gives it an attractive character ( ( ( ( (

6. This centre is decorated in an attractive fashion ( ( ( ( (

7. Interior wall & floor colour schemes are attractive ( ( ( ( (

8. The overall design of this centre is interesting ( ( ( ( (

9. The layout makes it easy to get to the stores you want( ( ( ( (

10. The layout makes it easy to get to the food areas ( ( ( ( (

11. The layout makes it easy to get to the restrooms ( ( ( ( (

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I buy______% of clothing outside this shopping centre

34. I buy ______% of shoes outside of this shopping centre

35. I buy ______% of electronics outside of this shopping centre

Personal characteristics

36 Sex Male ( Female (

37 Your age Below 20 (
21 to 25 (
26 to 30 (
31 to 35 (
36 to 40 (
41 to 45 (
46 to 50 (
Above 50 (

38. Highest educational level achieved
Less than secondary school (
Secondary school (
Junior college/polytechnic/trade school (
College graduate (
Postgraduate degree (

39. Occupation
Student (
Housewife (
Professional (
Administrative (
Clerical (
Business (
Sales (
Manufacturing (
Self-employed (

Other (specify___________________)

40. Average household income per month
Below $2000 (
$2001 to $3000 (
$3001 to $4000 (
$4001 to $5000 (
$5001 to $6000 (
$6001 to $7000 (
$7001 to $8000 (
Above $8000 (

41. Staying which HDB estate/location (specify)_____________________(eg Bukit Timah, Bedok)


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