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Examination Paper of Human Resource Management

IIBM Institute of Business Management Examination Paper MM.100 Human Resource Management Subject Code-B102 Section A: Objective Type & Short Questions (30 marks)      This section consists of Multiple Choice and Short Answer type questions.  Answer all the questions.  Objective Question carries 1 mark each &Short Question carries 5 marks each.

Part One Multiple Choices: 1. It is a cultural attitude marked by the tendency to regard one’s own culture as superior to others a. Geocentrism b. Polycentrism c. Ethnocentrism d. Egocentrism 2. It is the systemic study of job requirements & those factors that influence the performance of those ...view middle of the document...

Human resources b. Personal management c. Human resource management d. Productivity 10. A learning exercise representing a real-life situation where trainees compete with each other to achieve specific objectives a. Executive development b. Management game c. Programmed learning d. Understudy Part Two: 1. What is the importance of Career Planning in industry? 2. List the various features of HRM. 3. How can you explain the concept of Performance Appraisal? 4. Differentiate between on- the- job and off- the- job training.


Section B: Caselets (40 marks) 2 IIBM Institute of Business Management

Examination Paper of Human Resource Management     This section consists of Caselets.  Answer all the questions.  Each Caselet carries 20 marks.  Detailed information should form the part of your answer (Word limit 150-200 words). 

Caselet 1 Uptron Electronics Limited, is a pioneering and internationally reputed firm in the electronics industry. It is one of the largest firm in the country. It attracted employees from internationallyreputed institute and industries by offering high salaries, perks, etc. It has advertized for the position of an electronic engineer recently. Nearly 150 candidates applied for the jobMr. Sashidhar, an electronics Engineering Graduate from the Indian Institute Of Technology with 5 years working experience in a medium sized electronics firm, was selected from among the 130 candidates who took tests and interview. The interview board recommended an enhancement in his salary by Rs 5,000 more than his present salary at his request. Mr Sashidhar was very happy to achieve this and he was congratulated by a number of people including his previous employer for his brilliant interview performance, and wished him good luck. Mr Sashidhar joined Uptyron Electronics Ltd., on 21 January, 2002, with greater enthusiasm. He also found his job to be quite comfortable and a challenging one and he felt it was prestigious to work with this company during the formative years of his career. He found his superiors as well as subordinates to be friendly and cooperative. But this climate did not live long. After one year of his service, he slowly learnt about a number of unpleasant stories about the company, management, the superior subordinate relations, rate of employee turnover, especially at higher level But he decided to stay on as he has promised several things to the management in the interview. He wanted to please and change the attitude of management through his diligent performance, firm commitment and dedication. He started maximizing his contributions and the management got the impression that Mr. Sashidhar had settled down and will remain in the company. After some time, the superiors started riding rough- shod over Mr Sashidhar. He was overloaded with multifarious jobs. His freedom in deciding and executing was cut down. He was ill treated on a number of occasions before his subordinates. His colleagues also...

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