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Quantitative Literature Example Essay

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Crime rate comparison
West Jordan crime rate: 29.25
St. George crime rate: 22.71
I believe that the crime rate in West Jordan is greater than the crime rate in St. George because of the culture that surrounds it. One of the factors that I believe is the age prevalence. In, St. George, there are more retired people, while in West Jordan there are a lot of young people. Another reason may be that in ...view middle of the document...

Part 1 crime arrests for the year 2012

Drug Offenses
8.9% of Part 2 crimes committed are drug offenses.
I believe that drug-related crimes can be related to property crimes and crimes against persons, but not in all cases. Sometimes, people under the influence of narcotics may cause harm to property or to themselves as part of the brain stimulation. But, there are cases when the person arrested for this crime is a seller, so they may never be under the influence of the narcotic, therefore to greater damage is caused to property. The problem with selling is that you are causing harm to other people, which may be considered a crime against people.
Increase in crimes from 2011-2012
Vandalism (14.31%)
Curfew and Loitering Law Violations (500%)
Possession of Opium/Cocaine Derivative (20.74%)
I think that most of these crimes tend to be popular around younger ages(teenagers). I definitely think that there may have been an increase of younger people during the year that could have caused these numbers to go up while the others went down.

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