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Quality Over Quantity Essay

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persQuality over quantity
It is important to live life to its fullest potential, enjoying every moment and making it all count because who knows if I will ever get a second chance. As J.K Rowling said “As is a tale, so is life: not how long it is, but how good it is, is what matters.”  I personally believe in making a difference and creating an impact to this world. When you accomplish the objectives you have set in life, you feel more satisfied and pleased with yourself. It is not always about helping people around you and making them smile but also feeling worthy about yourself. Regardless of your age, being able to look back and see the impact you have created or the difference you have made in people’s lives is very fulfilling.
I believe in having a vision. It is important to then connect the visions to achieve results. Last year, I started a non-profit organization ...view middle of the document...

I was able to put myself in the children’s position and understand their constraints. My visit really taught me to appreciate the life around me and not take it for granted. I was given the opportunity to help teach classes and organize lesson plans at schools, as well as given the opportunity to observe and assist with minor tasks at hospitals. I believe I was able to contribute and give a few children the opportunity to improve themselves their life style and build self-confidence.
Last summer was just the beginning. After that one experience, the feeling of helping people in need, gave me a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. It sincerely made me feel better about myself. Being able to teach someone who had the desire to learn but never got the opportunity made me feel like I was really serving a good cause. Many of the families who live in these underdeveloped areas cannot afford to send their children to school, as they need them working in the farms to help pay bills. Also, they are not able to afford basic medical attention; most of them cannot even think about benefiting from operations and surgeries. Being able to save a life with the money I raise is definitely a surreal feeling. I want to do more; I plan on going to other underdeveloped nations and aiding them in any way possible I can, to make even the slightest difference.
It is not about how long you live, but how you live your life. To me, just living a long life, without doing something worthwhile does not seem significant. Being able to look back on your life no matter how young you are being able to have a sense of accomplishment, knowing you have made a difference is definitely an amazing feeling. When I reflect back on the past seventeen years of my life the one thing that stands out the most, is my visit to Africa. Being able to assist the people in need in any way possible, made me feel like I made a difference. That was my first step towards making a difference and creating an impact along with making my life worthwhile.

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