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Put Yourself In The Position Of An Entrepreneur Who Is Developing A New Self Propelled, Robotic Lawn Mower, Similar To The Roomba Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, To Introduce Into The Market. Develop The Targeting Strategy For

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Bhoomi Patel
MKTG 3050
Dr. K
Chapter 17 Advertising and Public Relations
Media types: (Page )
1) Newspaper: the most common and old way of advertising is the newspaper. This is a short term media for advertising. Newspaper covers most of the markets news. However, newspaper can be expensive media because it costs printing and delivery expenses. Most of the people in India, read the newspaper while having the breakfast early in the morning. Reading the newspaper is like a daily habit of most people in India. Newspaper is very common because anyone can afford to buy a newspaper. Newspaper advertising can be lost easily when new newspaper publishes after a week. It doesn’t last long than a week. Also, ...view middle of the document...

It is also short term advertising source. It can deliver the message to the large group of people. Most people can listen the radio during driving time, this means it saves the time in listening instead of reading. However, it will lack in a sensation of visual images.
4) Television: a new and advance source of media is the television. It costs much for advertising on television but it provides many creative opportunity regarding the advertising. It creates a perfect sound effect on a cable TV. Also, it has a great picture and quality performance added on the original advertising. This is a popular source to use. Now days, infomercial means longer advertising around a half hour. As we saw advertising of shampoo or vacuum cleaner on the TV, provided for half hour everyday on the television. However, DVR has made it possible to skip advertising on the television. It saves the time for those who want to watch TV without advertising.
5) Outdoor media: since new technology has arrived, outdoor media has progressed much. We saw posting on the walls and billboard, stickers of advertising, lighted moving signs on the bus, ads painted on the car and even people called “living advertising”. These are more innovative techniques. My dad has a convenient store and he has also posted his advertising signs around the store. Some of the signs are digital gas price signs for the gas at a lower price in the town.
6) The internet and alternative media marketing: As we all know about the internet, it is very useful source for ads. We can post the ads through social networking sites, or can put it on the video games. Many times we saw ads covering pages on the web surfing. Google and Yahoo are the famous search engines. This is the costly source of advertising but it most qualitative medium of advertising.

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