Pursuit Of Happiness Essay

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Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness is a word that is known for its insightful meaning. It is something that everyone wishes for and hopes would happen to them at one point in their lives. I am also a person strives and dreams for this picture of perfection. In my imagination I find happiness as waking up in the morning and getting into my dream car and driving to work at a big successful company. I would picture myself dressed in formal attire wearing an expensive tie and a crisply ironed suit while also getting bonuses every single year. Once I can see picture myself in my dream world, I strive each and every day to work towards that dream goal. I believe that once I reach the highest point ...view middle of the document...

With intense academic courses, and the extracurricular activities these both were tools that lead me closer to a career in business. For example, one of our projects was to establish a simulation of a real company (Swu dummy). Along with my classmates we created a team and were divided into different departments as if we were part of a real company. I had the responsibility of directing the sales department, and in the end I was honored to receive the sliver metal for being salesman of the year. While I was in school, I also got a tutoring job at the mathematics institute where I used to be a student. This gave me the funds to support myself and not have to ask my parents to support me. Although I was making my own money, time management became an issue. But with my dream goal in sight, it allowed me to continue to strive and not give up. I was able to finish college and was honored to be on the dean’s list.

After I finished college I was able to work with Nawaplastic industries Co., Ltd this was a company that was divided into many groups and was known as one of the biggest construction material companies in Thailand ( SCG ) . I was appointed as a sales executive and looked over all of Southern Thailand. The fact that I was able to work with a big company allowed me to learn a lot more and also further my skills in marketing. The company believed in me and gave me many responsibilities which I fulfilled without any problems. Although I started as a sales executive, I ended up being more like the regional manager of sales in Southern Thailand. I was able to monitor all of the sales without any problems and also strategize a plan for future sales. Furthermore, I was also the consultant for different dealers who wanted to purchase our products.

Due to the promotion that I received everything seemed as if I was starting to actually live my lifelong dream. I was received a salary raise, a new company car, and also a better insurance plan. I was living an...

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