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Pursuing A Career In Hr Essay

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Pursuing A Career In HR
Erin Young
AIU Online

Considering making human resources a profession, the following will discuss different aspects of this career choice. Knowing how the field of human resources management evolved over the past ten years can be helpful when faced with different situations in HR management. Discussions of how the HR professional acts as a strategic partner to senior leadership and major specialty areas within the field, such as Employee Relations, Organizational and Employee Development will be explored and answered. Also the differences in responsibilities of an HR generalist and an HR specialist will be explained and recommended ...view middle of the document...

Let’s start with Employee Relations, basically this discipline include the incorporation of fair hiring practices and equal employment opportunities and through documentation and recordkeeping of employer actions as required by government law also pinpointing and developing solutions that support management objectives (Austin, B., 2012). Organizational and Employee Development go hand in hand, the development of an employee is vital to the effective implementation of organizational development. One step is to work with employees to ensure their individual career goals can be met in conjunction with meeting the overall development goals of the organization. This will allow HR to place employees into positions that will assist in the organization meeting its goals (Webster, A., 2012). Salary is not the only thing that attracts potential employees to an organization; this is where the next HR disciplines come into play. Benefits and Compensation Management have a role in attracting, motivating and retaining candidates to a position as well. Compensation managers need to make decisions as to how best to compensate employees for their work it includes knowledge and development of job descriptions, duties, and responsibilities, what industry competitors are paying, economic factors such as supply and demand. Filing certain government reports regarding 401(k), company pensions, stock ownership, and tax and accounting information and communication with the employees while keeping within legal compliance are also the responsibility of compensation management. As for Benefits Management they are required to know of medical, dental, life insurance, short and long term disability programs, vacations, sick leave, paid holidays, and employee assistance programs. They also need to have knowledge and experience with certain laws such as Family Medical Leave Act, COBRA Vesting, HIPAA, Medicare, unemployment and social security benefits. This position requires continuous research, classes on laws and regulations, communication with employees, developing job descriptions and investing new benefits plans (Moore, M., 2012). The last discipline of HR Management is Recruiting, recruiting is a key function because it influences the number and types of...

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