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Purbanchal Saving & Investment Co Operative Limit

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1.1 Background of the study

'Co-operative' refers to work together for common benefit. A co-operative organization is such an organization which is established by economically weak persons. This organization functions under their mutual co-operation of all the members. Specially, co-operative organization is such autonomous organization, which is established voluntarily by the group of persons for the fulfillment of the social, economical and cultural expectations with the democratic control and flow. If we analyze the history of it, we can find that it is the organization established by economically and socially exploited people from the rich ...view middle of the document...

It is not capitilist and socialist concept but it is an equitable concept. Entire profit or loss of co-operative organization is distributed among all the members on the basis of their intvestment.

In conclusion a co-operative Development Board Act, was enacted on Kartik 21, 2049, Under this act national co-operative development board has been established for the economic and social enlistment of the people of weaker section according to co-operative as a group . It was goal to work combinely aswell. Like this "Purbanchal Saving & Investment Co-operative limited " is a co-operative limited, which was established on 26, Chaitra ,2053 B.S. registered no of this company is 74-53/54. It is located in Itahari - 1, sunsari , Nepal. It was established by 25 shareholders investing share capital Rs. 2,90,000 and now its shareholders are around 1193 and share capital of Rs. 9,08,700. There are 12 employees including 1 female employees . In fiscal year, board of director, there are 12 members including 1 members. Mr. Ram Krishna Khadka works as manager of Purbanchal Co-operative Organization Limited. It has some goals they are to increase self-esteem of each member to serve people or customers co-operatively as a group such as: providing loan, saving deposit etc. To help poor and unemployed people by providing loan in cheap or lower interest rate. Developing self confidence & economic status people etc. , this co-operative limited has been providing different facilities to the members such as door to door deposit, house and shop loan etc.

This co-operative organization helps to improve poor family and unemployed population in Itahari, Muncipality. And it also helps to develop their living standard. It has provided their living standard. It has provided different facilities to the members. So,it can be increased in economic groeth of poor family and unemloyed person.

1.2 Literature Survey

Purbanchal saving and investment co-operative organization a co-operative ltd which helps to improve poor family and unemployed population in Itahari, Muncipality. It helps poor and unemployed by providing loan at a lower interest rate. This co- operative ltd has provided different facilities to the member.

The cash flow covers the area of study about current assets and current liabilities of a financial institution. Generally, cash flow refers to the arrangement of cash inflows and cash outflows of every co - operative institutions. Cash flow makes proper planning of cash budgeting over the institution. In order to achieve the efficiency of cash flow, the financial manager should improve cash flow techniques. For this, the main techniques of cash flow are to accelrate cash collection and to decelerate cash disbrusement as far as possible. For this, the customers are to encouraged to pay promptly offering cash discount, systematic billing system and notifying the period of payment.

Cash is the important current asset...

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