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Puerto Rico Essay

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Religion Politics and War in the Middle East
William Moore

The overwhelming majority of people living in the Middle East nations are Muslim and the realm is the birthplace of Christianity. The Muslim culture continues to pressure the Cristian followers to convert, leave the realm, or be killed. The disagreements, fighting, and killings continue to exist and there does not seem to be a resolution for peace with these people living in the Middle East.
According to Ismail, K. (September 22, 2013), a suicide attack in Peshawar, Pakistan on a Christian church killed 78 people and wounded more than 120. The attack happened when the Christian worshipers were dismissed from the service. At ...view middle of the document...

The group, Jandullah*, it was in retaliation [for] U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan's tribal northwest.”
According to Wikipedia, (October 2013). Jundallah is a terrorist group organized by Iran. It is also known as People’s Resistance Movement of Iran (PRMI). The United States has classified this organization as a terrorist group.
Last month, Iran’s leader, President Hassan Rouhani met with President Barrack Obama in New York to discuss the lifting of sanctions to build nuclear weapons. They were the first talks between Iran and U.S. leaders in more than 30 years. The meeting and negotiations did not go well and President Hassan stated; “The American government is untrustworthy, supercilious and unreasonable, and breaks its promises.” B.B.C. News, (October 2013).

According to Xfinity Associated Press, on October 5, 2013;
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, whose speech was broadcast on state TV, also said the U.S. was "untrustworthy." He previously has said he's not opposed to direct talks with the U.S. to resolve Iran's nuclear standoff with the West but is not optimistic.”
President Obama responded on Monday, as he met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “the U.S. was not taking a military option against Iran's nuclear program off the table.”
It is easy to recognize the hate that Islam and...

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