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Public Vs Private Prison Essay

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Poverty in the U.S.

Poverty in the United States is rising at an alarming rate. One in every eight residents are homeless or living at the poverty level according to the Census Bureau. There are several programs or strategies that need to be developed by the Government to try and put an end or at least have a resolution in place to help our citizens. We are one of the richest countries, but there is more money being spent on wars, than there is to make sure people have a roof over their head. “The world is very different ...view middle of the document...

With the poverty rate remaining at a high rate of 15 percent for all Americans and 21.96 percent for children, there should be more policies being implemented and in place to help put an end to the suffering.
Socrates states in his quote “It is not living that matter, but living rightly”. Living rightly would mean to look at the bigger picture and determine where cuts need to be made, and what the government can do to decrease the poverty level until it no longer exist. How can we be considered one of the richest countries but continue to ignore the needs of the people that live in it?
Creating programs that target low income families and promoting easier access to higher education and trade studies would be beneficial to helping families overcome issues relating to poverty and low income. If the government puts more money into these programs and decrease the spending on the wars, this would help out and possibly put the U.S. in a better position with the citizens that reside here.


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