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Public Interest Essay

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“Public Interest”
In this article, the special interest group, known as the National Riffle Associates (NRA) is regarded by its critics as a lobbying force. “NRA and bad law block a way to catch killers.” (Amitai) The criticism the NRA receives in the article is warranted. The special interests group was known to have been vitally involved with activities that could have immediate impacts on universal “public interest” for the safety of our family and children. The platform the NRA takes for its activities is most alarming.
Technology historically has been largely credited to changing our way of life. ”. As outlined by the article, “micro stamping” is a technology that would identify a single bullet or gun at the point of sale. (Amitai) Technology is a familiar game changer; this would certainly be a step in the ...view middle of the document...

As a result, today, there is a confidence gap between “public interest” and special interest groups such as the NRA, and its industry. In terms of society, we remain split. There are individuals that believe they are blocking initiatives such as technology innovation “micro stamping”, to prevent legislative break thought into our underlying rights. The NRA funds activities on these beliefs, and champions its support. There is also a firm belief among others, that our constitution is a living document. The public Interest is vested in the nature we conform to government.
The negative reaction to lobbying activity is attributed to crucial need for solutions to Gun Control. There is no debate on the priority of safety. Rather, the NRA is representing “Value Chain”. (Zandi) In other words, the NRA is representing the primary economic interests of the titian’s in the industry, and associated small shops and the like. There are no apparent laws being broken by NRA. Still, the NRA is demonstrating an inability to conform to “general principles” of social responsibility, and bypassing its other stakeholders. Consequently, such as actions by the NRA are considered by most to be decisions of choosing market, over responsibility.
Outside of the market, there is a growing urgency to make our communities safer. For this, our government and legislation is heavily relied upon. ”. This technology is a great innovation that is accompanied by others alike. Nonetheless, this sort of technology will only see to make our society safer, if the empowered branches of our government can conform to legislation for the “public Interest” and “not special interest”

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