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Public Health Role Essay

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Running head: Practicum Evaluation

Practicum Evaluation

Practicum Evaluation
I am lucky and proud to had a wonderful positive and successful practicum experience at Laurie Regional Hospital. I had the opportunity to work with infection control Director Dr Abdul and other team at Laurie Regional Hospital. The scope of my practicum experience have challenged me to applying and analyzing data. The scope of the work was reasonable but challenged me to apply my public health background and utilize my written and oral communication skills. I gained an understanding how hospital acquire infection can affect hospital quality mesures and finances.
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My major accomplishments is able to teach different health professionals on importance of hand hygiene, different types of hospital acquired infection. My biggest accomplishment in the hospital is able to increase hand hygiene observation rate to 80%. Before I started clinical at Laurie Region Hospital hand hygiene rate was on 60%, after doing various education and observation the hospital hand hygiene observation rate is now at 80 %. Still a working progress, every department head needs to come together and encourage their staff members importance of proper hand hygiene to achieve a better percentage. My other accomplishment is able to participate in quality assurance meeting and present data on percentage of hospital acquired infection. I am very happy and lucky to work with a wonderful talented people at Laurie Regional Hospital.
My Practicum experience has increase my interest in health promotion, disease prevention and infection preventions. Experience in practicum has really help me to broaden my understanding of different market forces and stakeholders that collaborates on promoting disease prevention. My passion is always on epidemiology, I believe this practicum experience has encourage to further my education to pursue certification on...

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