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Public And Private Agencies Essay

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Private and public agencies
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The differences and similarities between public and private agencies, and their organizational structures
and funding sources
Public and private agencies functions differently as they offer services to client on daily basis. Bothe agencies have different methods of securing their funds in order to provide services to their clients where the private agencies sponsor themselves and public agencies are mostly sponsored by public funds which is acquire through tax (Koh, Graham, & Glied, 2011). The format through which these agencies deliver their services is also different because private agencies aim at making high profits from the services ...view middle of the document...

Due to their different ways of offering services to their clients, the diverse needs of clients or patients gets affected whereby private agencies satisfy the needs of the clients in order to win their trust while the public agencies provide the services just to respond to their mandate (Lipsky, 2010). As a professional, ones job might be affected by other direct service providers or managers while working in these two settings of private and public agencies because in private agencies, services are efficient compared to the ones provided in public agencies though in private agencies, services are costly. Working in public agencies may lead one to be corrupt because it is the business in many public agencies since many people afford to go for services provided in the public agencies due to their economic status (Daniel & Zeckhauser, 2011).

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