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Psychology Reflective Journal Essay

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Tang Ka Man 15072501D
Helping My Father to Quit Smoking in Psychological Ways
My father has been a smoker for a very long time. He started smoking since he was at
college age. My family used to blame him for having this harmful habit while my father
always find it difficult to quit smoking. We have put a lot of efforts to help him to be out of
this dangerous hell, yet all we have done is futile. After attending psychology lessons, I
could suggest some reasons on that from a psychological perspective.
To figure out the most suitable methods to help my father quit smoking, it is essentially
important to know the reasons why he was addicted to smoking. Nicotine is a drug found
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The negative effects of smoking are widely known. It is
common for us to read the news reporting people die due to the diseases caused by oversmoking. Every time when I show my dad this kind of news, his face turns as pale as
death. I know this is a kind of “cognitive dissonance” that there are conflicts between his
behavior(smoking) and attitude(knowing that smoking affects health). When there is an
attitude mismatch in his mind, he will try hard to do something to minimize the emotional
discomfort and it is a golden opportunity for me to persuade him to change his belief to

leave smoking. During the process, I would like to use ”foot-in-the-door” technique to
increase the compliance of my dad. I will first start with a small request which demands
him to smoke twice a day. When my offer is granted, I would escalate it to a larger one
which requests him to smoke once a day only. Thought repeated steps requesting him to
smoke less, he can quit smoking eventually. If he cannot withstand the withdrawal
reactions during the progress of quitting smoking, I would give him some “nicotine gums”
containing a small amount of nicotine, which act as the substitute of tobacco, to provide
him satisfaction(Medline Plus, 2013).

In the mean time, it is effective to help my dad give up smoking by keeping him away
from any environmental that prompt him to smoke. According to the basis of “classical
conditioning” suggested by...

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