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S08 Psychology of Personality
Lesson 8

Employers use personality tests in the interviewing process to try to select the best person for the job among many candidates. Companies have to determine if it is more cost effective to give personality tests before they hire a candidate or if they can afford the risk of possible employee turn-over. The techniques that are used by each company help to determine whether or not a particular candidate fits the job description and whether or not the candidate will succeed. Following the directions of the personality test, keeping the results private while not invading personal privacy makes personality tests as part of the interviewing process ...view middle of the document...

Behavioral theorists study observable and measurable behaviors, rejecting theories that take internal thoughts and feelings into account. The psychodynamic theory of personality emphasizes the influence of the unconscious mind and childhood experiences on personality. The humanist theory of personality emphasizes the importance of free will and individual experience in the development of a personality. Humanist theorists emphasize the concept of self-actualization for personal growth that motivates behavior. The trait theory of personality suggests that there is a large number of broad traits that make up a personality. A trait is basically a relatively stable characteristic that causes an individual to behave in certain ways. The cognitive theory of personality is focused on the individual’s thoughts as the determinate of emotions and behaviors and therefore personality. Cognitive theorists believe that without these thought processes we would have no emotions or behaviors. In other words, thoughts always come before and feelings and before any action.
So what does all of this mean? That it doesn’t matter what theoretical background a personality test comes from, a personality is an important part of life and work. And each employer needs to choose a personality test that fits with their company.
There are many self-assessment test that can be given to a candidate. Eysenck’s PEN model is a three-dimensional model consisting of levels of psychoticism, extraversion and neuroticism. The Five Factor Model or Big 5 is a five-dimensional model consisting of levels of neuroticism, extraversion, openness, agreeableness and conscientiousness. A candidate’s personality is graded on a continuum of these traits to provide a personality profile. Candidates read questions or statements and then rate how well the question or statement applies to them. Scores are calculated to provide insight into that specific candidate’s personality and show tendencies of that person.
Some companies use computer adaptive personality tests. These tests give each candidate an individual test experience because the test adapts to the answers that are provided while drawing new questions from a large collection of possibilities. Computer adaptive tests that measure personality show validity for performance that is the same or exceeds that of traditional personality measurements. (Kantrowitz, 2011) Another common test that companies use is the Tailored Adaptive Personality Assessment System. Tailored Adaptive Personality Assessment Systems provide a more precise measurement of wider array of personality traits. (Kantrowitz, 2011) It also provides each candidate with an individual test experience because the flow of questions that are asked change as you answer them.
As long as the questions that are being asked are specific to the job, don’t invade personal privacy, the results aren’t shared with others and are true personality testing...

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