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Multistore model

Capacity of short term 7
Duration up to 30 sec

Long term is forever

Displacement in short term
Retrieval failure long term
Decay is in all of them (long/short term)
Explain what is means

Evaluate: any studies that support the memory (Primacy and recency affect)

Primacy is when u remember things at the beginning of the list (as you have rehearsed them and has gone into your long term memory.

Recency is words u remembers at the end of the list and u keeps into your head for just 30 sec which goes into ur short term memory.
All of that shows evidence for 2 stores and rehearsal.

Method ( lab experience, what wrong with it? it lacks ecological validity/realistic. Good thing? It is very controlled you can repeat it.

Sample (who were used?)
Ethics (none)

Overall evaluation
It is too simple, (explain) emotions-traumatic events some types of memory doesn’t need to be rehearsed u just ...view middle of the document...

At the end they were debriefed.

2 types
1 Retrogate
you forget information from befre the incident. You cnt rremeber the old

2 Anterogate
you cant learn anything new after the incident

causes of amnesia
brain damage

Clive Wearing.
He had a virus caused swelling on the brain
He had elements of both amnesia.

Describe about Clive Wearing and evaluate

Method) Case study
Good: it has ecological validity you cant repeat it. Its on one individual, you cant generalize results. Amnesia affects people in different ways. Cnt test reliability as it is not ethical. Its Good, you get a lot of rich data as it only focused on one person.

Ethical)consent? he wasn’t able to give it himself. So had to get it from someone else, which in his case was his wife.
Evasion of privacy and confidentiality as everyone knew who he was. He was already in distress. And caused him more distress as he watched himself after the study was taken.

Eye witness testimony

Leading questions
Is a question phrased in a way that will biased your response.

She had 45 student watch a video of a car crash. She then asked them questions of their eye witness testimony. And then asked them questions like
How far was the cars going when they --------- into eachother.

Smashed- fastest
Contacted - slowest

Method: lab test, it lack eco val. They watched a video so wasn’t as reliable as if they watched a real life accident.
Who were used?) US college student which is biased.

Ethics) deception they weren’t told there were leading questions. Possible distress or phsychological harm.

Weapon focus

1 condition: low anxiety
heard a discussion and a man came out with a PEN.

2 Another discussion was heated and heard tables and chair. And a man came out with a KNIFE and was covered in blood.

They then were given 50 photographs and identify the man.

The man with the pen was more identifying, as there was low anxiety 49%

And knife was 33%
The higher your anxiety the less you will remember.

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