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Psychology 260 Essay

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(1+3) The story I chose to write about today was written on 02/17/15 and is headlined, “Can Dogs Recognize Emotions Just By Looking at a Human Face.” It refers to the study, “Dogs Can Discriminate Emotional Expressions of Human Faces” from the Current Biology Journal. The authors of the study are Corsin A Muller, Kira Schmitt, Anjuli L.A. Barber and Ludwig Huber. I noticed this article two weeks ago when I was browsing through Psychology Today. This article stood out to me because had learned about facial recognition in class that day, and this article deals directly with facial recognition, but by animals, which is more interesting because it’s no longer species-specific. I normally trust ...view middle of the document...

I would have liked to see a control group of pictures showcasing every emotion. Also, there was no detail of dog breeds and if that played a role in the results. (4) The experiment consisted of dogs, who were first trained to pick out either happy or angry faces. They were shown either the upper half of the face or lower half and they were rewarded for choosing the right facial expression during both training and the experiment as well. The study varied in the 5 probe trials that were set up; they consisted of; Same half of faces from training but of novel faces, the other half of faces used in training, the other half of novel faces, the left half of faces used in training. Being able to discriminate between happy and angry faces was being compared here. The scientific report went in more detail than the article, delving more into the detailed steps and the science behind the decisions. The summary at the beginning of the paper seemed to have most of the information that was in the article. The author of the article took key parts of the summary, and used that along with his own knowledge to write his article. The scientist used less fluff in his writings, and just wrote pure results, observations, and explanations for certain behaviors. The article doesn’t overstate the findings, nor is there anything important added or left out. If the author added this quote from the report it would have really stuck out. “The...

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