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Psychological Disorder Analysis

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Psychological Disorder Analysis
Carrie Young
Axia College – PSY / 270
Instructor – Elizabeth Stepp

Psychological disorders can affect anyone at anytime. Some people are more likely than others to develop the more severe and debilitating of the disorders, while some may be affected by the less extreme of these problems. Today, I am going to discuss the case of a 42 year old Hispanic woman who came to the mental health clinic looking for an answer as to why she is experiencing certain feelings and exhibiting behaviors that she feels are uncharacteristic of her.
Marla has a mental disorder with symptoms of trouble sleeping, an inability to concentrate, and feeling “jumpy” all of the ...view middle of the document...

Please describe your daily life and what sort of lifestyle you tend to favor.
3. Can you tell me about your childhood?
4. What were your parents like?
5. Why do you feel you are experiencing the problems or symptoms you have described to me?
6. Do you feel that you have brought any of these problems upon yourself?
7. Have you ever experienced a panic attack or feelings similar to an anxiety attack?
8. If you have experienced this before, do you have any physical symptoms before, during, or after the attack?
9. What do you expect to gain from therapy?
10. Are you willing to follow the suggestions given to you?
When I asked Marla to tell me what exactly brought her to the clinic for help, she stated that she has been having trouble sleeping in the form of insomnia, agitation or feeling jumpy, and cannot seem to focus or concentrate. She told me that these symptoms had been ongoing for almost six or more months. She also added that she has experienced an increase in her appetite, but because of her constant agitation, feels as if she has got to be on the move continuously. Therefore, she has had little weight gain. Her mood seems to linger in the unhappy or constantly worried area.
I asked Marla to describe a typical day for me. She stated that because she has such a hard time sleeping, she is up early in the mornings. After getting herself ready for work and her children off to school, she is an anxious mess driving to her office. She told me that her mind is constantly going from one thought to another without any coherence what so ever. Marla is fidgeting now as she tries to recall her daily routine. After an unsettling day where nothing was done to her satisfaction, Marla is on her way home. Making dinner, getting homework finished, and ready for the next day, have her ready to “crawl out of my skin.” Marla is extremely tense and agitated at this point. She loves her children and her job, but her inability to focus and her jumpiness have her feeling like she is going crazy. After a few minutes of calming quiet and a cup of tea, Marla continued to describe for me what her hobbies and lifestyle were like. She stated that horses and riding is what calms her emotions. Hunting, fishing, time with her children, and watching movies are what keep her busy. Reading used to be a favorite thing for her, until she found herself unable to focus long enough to finish the book. “I would read half the book and then put it down, never to pick it up again.”
Feeling that we had reached a point in which Marla was more comfortable, I continued with my next question as to what her childhood was like. She began with this statement, “Daddy was an alcoholic who ran around on my mother and would take me to his girlfriend’s house and leave me while they went out. Then he would tell me that I could not tell mom.” Marla continued to say that her mother was diagnosed as bipolar and had been committed three times for substance abuse. She...

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