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All research must have careful observations no matter what type of research is being conducted. It is important to understand the differences between qualitative and quantitative methods in order to better understand the specific behavior being studied. Sometimes it is important to use both methods for the same study.
"Qualitative research methods are the best!"
“Qualitative research focuses on people behaving ...view middle of the document...

This research method is the best because it does not manipulate variables in any way. The results are completely reliant on the participant’s reactions in a natural settings. This method offers first hand experiences for researchers to be a part of the study. Qualitative research describes the behaviors being studied without giving a mathematical analysis, which can save time due to the drawn out mathematical analysis.
"Quantitative research methods are the best!"
“Quantitative research tends to focus on specific behaviors that can be easily quantified” (Cozby and Bates, p. 115, 2012). Quantitative research draws it conclusions based off of the statistical analysis of data. Therefore, the results are in numerical form and then analyzed using statistics. Qualitative research cannot be converted to numerical form so the results cannot be analyzed using statistics. I find that this is the best method for research because it proves that there is a truth in things. Unlike quantitative research which is subjective. An example of how quantitative research shows the truth: The movie was awful is qualitative. The movie lasted 4 hours is quantitative.

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