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Psy 202 Motivation And Emotion Essay

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Motivation is a concept used to explain why behavior changes over time, why behaviors
are persistent or not persistent, and why behavior is directed toward different goals at different
times. In this paper I will define the approaches that motivate us and how emotions drive us
intrinsically and extrinsically.

Motivation and Emotion

Motivation can be described as goal directed behavior and according to the reading
material Psychology and Your Life (2012) the five approaches to motivation are instinct, drive-
reduction, arousal, incentive and cognitive.
The first approach is instinct this approach upholds instincts or “inborn patterns of
behavior that are ...view middle of the document...

The arousal approach explains the behavior that causes a person to maintain or increase
excitement (University of Phoenix, 2012, pp. 244-248). A person bungee jumping or sky diving
are called thrilled seekers, these types of people are aroused by partaking in these types of
activities and get an increase in excitement.
Motivation and Emotion

In the incentive approach this motivation arises from the desire to get valued external
goals or incentives (University of Phoenix, 2012, pp. 244-248). For example a person may be
willing to drive across the city to eat at a specific restaurant that serves their favorite dish,
however; another person will not be so willing to travel such a distance for ordinary spaghetti.
The two meals have different incentive values and motivate behavior to varying degrees.

Finally there is the cognitive approach; this motivation causes people to take part in an
activity for our own enjoyment, this would be an intrinsic motivation. Then there is the
motivation that causes us to do something for a reward this is called extrinsic motivation
(University of Phoenix, 2010, pp. 244-248). Both of these motivations are key distinctions in the
cognitive theory. An example of intrinsic would be the student who is motivated to master a
topic rather than just rote-learning to achieve good grades. Extrinsic is the stoke broker that
works hard to make a large amount of money.

It has been theorized that emotions are a biological response while others suggest that
emotions are a physiological response. I believe we all share these emotions however; that does
not explain the “why” and “what” that causes them. Even though each person has these...

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